MIDAS - Expandable Friction bolt is used for temporary rock reinforcement in underground works.

This rock bolt is made of a welded tube folded on itself and sealed at one end while the other end

is consisting of special head bushing used for inflation. It is expanded using a high-pressure water

pump. The high load bearing capacity combined with excellent elongation properties ensure safer

working conditions and faster excavation cycles for low costs.

​ Installation Procedure

  • Drilling of hole in the rock
  • Insert the Expandable Friction Rock Bolt

  • Inflation of bolt to a set pressure using a high pressure water pump.


Various Capacity :120kN, 160kN, 240kN

Minimum Elongation: 10%, 20%

Delivery Lengths: 1-8 mtr.


Face plates are used to create a local surface support around the bore hole collar area. They are

also utilized to maintain local roof stability, to prevent key block movement and to retain surface

support like mesh.The plates are manufactured from high quality steel and meet or exceed the

properties stated in the individual specification.


Main Advantages of Expandable Friction Rock Bolts

  • Full load bearing capacity over the entire installed bolt length.

  • Ability to maintain load bearing capacity even during underground deformations.

  • Safe & easy installation with no additional building materials is required for installations.